U.S. Housing Wealth Diverges Between ‘Underwater’ and ‘Equity Rich’

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As home prices continued rising, the number of U.S. properties that were equity rich – where the combined loan amount secured by the property was 50% or less of the estimated market value – grew to 14 million in the second quarter, according to Attom Data Solutions.

U.S. Housing Wealth Diverges Between ‘Underwater’ and ‘Equity Rich’. U.S. Housing Wealth Diverges Between ‘Underwater’ and ‘Equity Rich’. More than a decade after the recession, one in 11 mortgaged properties in the U.S. is considered "seriously underwater," according to.

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In U.S. data, we estimate that the immediate (next-quarter) marginal propensity to consume from a $1 change in housing wealth is about 2 cents, with a final long-run effect around 9 cents. Consistent with several recent studies, we find a housing wealth effect that is substantially larger than the stock wealth effect.

Analysis U.S. Housing Wealth Diverges Between ‘Underwater,’ ‘Equity Rich’ Experts predict "a very slow recovery especially with home prices slowing up a bit” for these areas to recover.

The gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. worsened throughout the housing bust and foreclosure crisis that followed, as millions lost not only the roof over their heads, but the wealth – and the opportunity to potentially build more – that came with it. The latest year for which data from the Survey of Consumer Finances is available.

Housing wealth is about one half of household net worth, and consumption is a considerable fraction (about two thirds) of Gross Domestic Product in the United States. Empirically, movements in housing wealth are associated with movements in consumption in the same direction. This observation has led.

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In another sign that Chicago still struggles with the aftermath of a housing crash that for many other cities. Some 28,400 Chicago-area households came up from underwater in the year between second.

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Profile of equity rich properties. Some characteristics of the 14 million equity rich U.S. properties as of the end of Q2 2017: 44.0 percent of properties with an estimated market value over $750,000 were equity rich, compared to an equity rich rate of 29.6 percent for properties valued between $300,000 and $750,000; 21.0 percent for properties valued between $100,000 and $300,000; and 15.5.