Seniors With RV Payments They Can’t Afford

Seniors who owe money for a defaulted recreational vehicle loan often owe other debt as well.Many don’t realize their income is protected and go without basic needs to pay debt they can’t afford.

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We have a RV we can no longer afford. We are not late on any payments, but realize we can’t afford to keep paying on it. can we return it to bank, what are your suggestions? we are willing to pay off.

Assisting elderly parents with their finances can take time to sort through, but when your parents can’t pay their mortgage, they need help immediately. Pinpoint a specific reason as to why they.

Seniors With RV Payments They Can. May 9, 2019 by admin 0 comments. automotive loan, Borrowing, I will explain your options if you can no longer afford your RV payment and you can’t sell the vehicle for enough money to pay off the loan.

 · Seniors can stop making RV payments they no longer can afford, and they can be protected from collector harassment. Here is a link to a HELPS YouTube video where I explain in more detail why and how you can surrender an RV you can’t afford.

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“Seniors do not want to talk about or think about when they can’t drive,” says Sandi Rosenbloom. motor home on annual trips between his home in Portland, Ore., and an RV park in Arizona, where he.

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