Report skewers VA for neglecting suicide prevention outreach

Millions of dollars set aside for suicide prevention outreach in fiscal 2019 went unused, and public awareness campaigns disappeared from.

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Elly Lafkin’s baby, Cami, died tragically two years ago in a home daycare center in Harrisonburg, Va. She and her family experienced firsthand the need for expanded legislation regarding Virginia’s.

Who Can Use the community-based suicide prevention toolkit? 2. before they are in crisis. To view the report, go to.. suicide rates. Outreach events for AI/AN communities should be a community priority to.. Neglecting personal welfare.

Report skewers VA for neglecting suicide prevention outreach. the Veterans Health Administration has spent less than one percent of its $6.2 million annual budget for suicide prevention.

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(CNN) – Ever since President Donald Trump announced he was running for office, he promised to protect veterans and fix the Department of Veterans Affairs with an emphasis on preventing veterans’ suicides. But a new federal investigation reveals that when it comes to one major multi-million dollar.

No time for buck-passing as we address vet suicide

The report shows a lack of leadership from the Trump administration is directly impacting the VA’s ability to reach suicidal veterans.. Report skewers VA for neglecting suicide prevention.

The report shows a lack of leadership from the Trump administration is directly impacting the VA’s ability to reach suicidal veterans.

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