John Oliver on His Immigration Battle Versus ‘Heinous’ Trump

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump). 45th President of the United States of America..but then he ran for Congress and won, only to lose his re-elect after I Tweeted my endorsement, on Election Day, for his opponent.

John Oliver has a message for people still freaking out over Donald Trump pulling out of the White house correspondents’ dinner. The "Last Week Tonight" host thinks the dinner is "bulls**t" anyway. and the fact Trump’s the first prez in forever to skip the event is like the 250th thing on his list of.

John Oliver mocks US immigration court system. John Oliver trolls Pence with a gay bunny book. Oliver slams Trump’s Charlottesville response. Coal CEO sues John Oliver. On "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver dedicated his entire season finale to discussing the result of the presidential.

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John Oliver dedicated Sunday’s "Last Week Tonight" to telling people to stay on guard about President-elect Donald Trump. The show then played clips listing Trump’s mandates, which include repealing and replacing Obamacare, building a wall between the US and Mexico, deporting 11 to 12.

John Oliver reminded his viewers on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, but he promised it won’t happen again. As the midterm elections approach, President Donald Trump Since the Trump administration claims that family separation was not implemented as a deterrent for immigration, Oliver has a.

As you may have heard, John Oliver and his wife Kate Norley met under very unique circumstances. Oliver, then the Senior British Correspondent for "It’s tough to ascribe motive to someone," offers Oliver. "You can only really fairly judge them on their actions-but their actions have been heinous.

JOHN OLIVER: All of you have consistently supported him through some absolutely heinous shit. In his very first campaign speech, he Like Trump claiming Hillary proposes taxes on the middle class, single payer healthcare, or unvetted immigrants? Seems you’ve swallowed every single one of his lies.

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One of the unique benefits of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight approach to the late-night political comedy scene is his willingness and ability to pick a single, illustrative issue and descend into it, all the way to the murky bottom. Sure, any old person with eyes, a social media presence, and a functioning.

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