How to Get a Student Loan Without a Cosigner

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Are you searching for a way to get a student loan without a cosigner? We can help by guiding you on the single easiest way to get approved for the best private student loan deals and secure student loans with dramatically lower interest rates.

Or perhaps, the extra steps in finding the right cosigner seem like too much extra work. You may even qualify for a loan without a cosigner and prefer financial independence. However, there are significant benefits to having a cosigner on your private student loan – especially a cosigner with a healthy financial history.

How to shop for a student loan without a co-signer Take out federal student loans first. Fill out the Free Application for federal student aid, known as the FAFSA , to get access to federal loans.

The best way to get a student loan without a co-signer is to improve or build your credit history. This could mean paying down your debt balances or applying for a new credit card or loan. To start, you’ll have to look back at your credit history and examine any late payments or bills to see if.

By contrast, private student loans have no automatic provision for getting discharged. In some cases, what happens to your student loans at death depends on whether you needed a cosigner in order.

This is called cosigner release. Private student loan lenders commonly allow for. The cosigner could pay the minimums for the required time to get released from the loan. Then they would no longer.

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"Banks advertise that you can get a loan without a cosigner if you meet their credit requirements and/or have an income of $18,000 or more," says Jeannie Tarkenton at Funding U. "Statistically speaking, though, of all student loans originated by banks to undergraduates, only 2% are approved without a cosigner."

Students who get at least a 3.0 GPA (or equivalent) qualify for a one-time cash reward of 1% of the loan amount on each new discover student loan. Reward redemption period is limited. Terms and conditions.

You can help a family member or friend with bad credit get approved for a credit card if you co-sign the account. But you probably don’t want to remain as a co-signer indefinitely. It’s fairly.