AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s trade theories don’t hold water

QAnon, the loosely organized group of Trump. is the fact that the rally will be held on 9/11, a date that is infused with conspiratorial significance given it was when al-Qaeda terrorists attacked.

President Donald Trump’s trade policies have always been. its retaliatory efforts beyond farm goods for the first time. "The fact of the matter is that nobody wins a trade war, and the continued.

“The problem about the approach of Trump to trade, is that he doesn’t understand trade,” he said, speaking in a heavily accented Hebrew. Trump simply “doesn’t understand, and if he does, he hides the.

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WASHINGTON – The Associated Press is fact-checking remarks from president. slower growth this year as the effect of the Trump administration’s tax cuts fade, trade tensions and slower global growth.

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President Donald Trump addressed the nation. but recent cases don’t indicate that any of the migrants were bound and gagged. Instead, the trucks are often lined with sleeping mats, water, and.

Our fact-check on this Four-Pinocchio Trump claim appeared on The Washington Post website during Trump’s news conference. The reality: The United States has a surplus, not a $100 billion trade deficit.

Several other readers return to this theme: that too much of the press is too wrapped up in the impossible mission of “understanding” Trump, and too few are spending too little time unveiling the what.

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It’s not foreign countries that are paying these import taxes by cutting a check to the government. His reference to money coming into the treasury "now" belies the fact. Trump administration’s tax.

In his first year as president, Trump used his bully pulpit and Twitter account to fuel conspiracy theories, level unsubstantiated accusations. had not been devaluing its currency to create a trade.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s trade theories don’t hold water.. "I don’t disagree with that," he said when interviewer Chris Wallace pointed out that U.S. businesses and consumers bear the cost.

Kalev Leetaru, in his piece inaugurating RealClearPolitics’ Fact Check Review, highlighted some of the problems. philosophical questions if not for the awesome power fact checkers hold over.